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This is where we share moments from our past - from both long ago and recently. These are the moments captured with our friends from the road or backstage at concert, from goodtimes at tradeshows across the country, from visits by clients and friends to, and from our travels while out on picking adventures. In general, it is a place where we can provide a glimplse of all the wonderful people and instruments we touch along our way.


NAMM Interview - Gary AsherGary Asher was working at Nuncie's Music in Birmingham, Alabama when he provided a tour and interview for the NAMM Oral History program, just three years after the program began. View Now

Gary Asher | Zoro Tribute To DrumSchool.comZoro, the drummer also known as known as 'The Minister Of Groove', sends 30th Anniversary wishes to Gary Asher's - his preferred vintage drum source. View Now

Steve Misamore - Gary AsherWhen Steve Misamore, drummer for Dierks Bentley, thinks of vintage drums, he thinks of Gary Asher's View Now

Gary Asher | Ludwig 100th Anniversary Snare DrumsDrummer Cafe founder, Bart Elliott interviews Gary Asher during the 2009 Southern Drum Show. Gary is notated as having the largest, private drum collection in the world; over 300 drum kits and 635 snare drums. In this interview, Gary shares his latest acquisitions; two replicas of the 1928 Ludwig Gold Triumphal snare drums. View Now


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Homewood Patriot Marching Band 1978 - Where It All Began! Shawn Pelton of Saturday Night Live
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